Saturday, October 4, 2008


Fall is here, finally! I love fall so much, it's my favorite time of year besides Christmas. I love everything about it really. The cloudy sky, the rain, the changing of the leaves' colors, the shorter days, the smell. I don't really think of the plants dieing because they come back in the spring, so I just enjoy watching the changes they go through during fall. I love the chill in the air, the feeling of always wanting to curl up with a book, wrapped up in a blanket, drinking hot chocolate with the lights off, letting the crisp cloudy day engulf the room. Fall makes me want to take long walks and just listen to the sounds around me and feel the breeze on my face and hear the trees blowing. I even like the fall birds that stick around when the others fly south, they are fall birds to me. Just another gift that only fall possesses. I love seeing the trees and mountains up against a dark threatening sky. And always saying to the threatening sky, bring it on, please tempt me with rain. :0) I love smelling the beginning of rain, knowing it's at the cusp of unleashing a beautiful downfall. Call me crazy, but I love fall! It fills me with energy and joy that no other season does. I know most people like warm, sunny days, but give me chilly, cloudy, rainy days and I'll be completely content. I think the biggest reason I love fall so much is the memories it brings along with it. With fall comes the memories of playing football with my brothers, playing in the rain or picking up leaves with my sister, baking fall goodies with mommy or being scared of the thunderstorm on daddy's lap. Although I don't really LIVE in the past, my memories of life make up a big part of who I am. Without my memories, I'd be lost! I don't dwell on them too often, just when I get that time to be alone and remember the steps in my life that have brought me to where I am as an adult. I enjoy my time! But I love living in the present and future as well. I don't think I'll ever really grow up. I'm the baby of the family and although I have a job and bills to pay, I'll always be the baby and a child at heart. Fall reminds me of the kid in me, the kid that will always be there to remind me that I should be thankful for everything that I have in my life!


Devoted Mom said...

Just wanted to comment on "My Thoughts" and "Fall".
God has given you a beautiful heart. Don't let anything ever change that or take it away.
Keep writing!

Joe said...

We are most definatly from the same stock. Your feelings about the fall are totally the way I feel. Sometimes I just want to stay home all day long and never talk to anyone; just curl up in a blanket with a cup of coffee and watch the leaves fall. We have a gas fire place in our livingroom and we turned it on for the first time the other day;we just sat and watched it flicker it the dark.I love the fall; the way it smells, the way it looks,and the homey feel it gives that no other time of the year gives.I sure am glad I don't live I Florida.

Devoted Mom said...

Dearest Elizabeth,
You sound so much like your mother here. So often I've said to someone, "Today, I just wish I could be home, wrapped in a comfy throw, sipping a hot cup of tea, reading a good book." The apple doesn't fall far from the tree, does it? :-)

It is such a joy to see your heart expressed in this way. You are truly a gift from God to me! And where ever life takes you, I'm so glad you are mine!