Thursday, October 16, 2008

Draft #1 for Writing Course

A man kneeling, preening his garden. Dark brown hair ruffling in the warm summer breeze. He's home from a long day's work. Still in his blue work uniform, tired from a lifetime of jobs not conducive to his greatness. Worn, rugged hands so gently care for the new babes of his Eden.

As I view this man, the story of his life unfolds in the characteristics of his being; I see the school boy in the twinkle of his brown eyes, his naval endeavors in the tattoo engraved on his right forearm. I see the chapters of marriage in his gold, misshapen wedding band, proudly shinning in the August sun. The many sleepless nights of praying for God to protect and use his children in the permanent furrow of his brow. I see the prominent laugh lines etched by the love of his grandchildren, and the decades of laboring to provide the best for the ones he loves is displayed as medals of honor about his person. I see a happy and fulfilled and truly loved man. He thinks not of the sacrifices but of the radiant joy on the faces he's lived for. This man will forever be surrounded by the fruits of his labor.

He turns, his gentle voice permeating the air, "Hey!" His wife of 41 years had been taking in the sight of the love of her life doing what he loves. Her face alight with a smile, tells him, "I love you," and walks back inside. Her mind flooding with memories, she sits in her favorite chair and allows the past to wash over her.

They're younger now, hands, face, eyes not as tired and worn. The house filled with children's contagious laughter. Her husband appears, making an attempt to round up the youngest and most beautiful, a girl. She runs to give him a hug and says her good night's, he replies, " I love you too, you're the greatest." She smiles and retaliates, "No, you're the greatest!" They debate for what seems like an hour, then mom dramatically says, "Go to bed!!" The father and daughter share a sly grin and kiss each other good night.

Another memory surfaces, newly married, circumstances were difficult here. Funds were scarce, struggling to make ends meet, she worried about her partner and life. His confident, loving voice always reassured her, "We're going to be OK."

This man is wise, honorable and devoted to his family and his God. He may not be the picture of perfection, but he's made the individuals who matter extremely proud. The person of whom I speak is Teddy Franklin McCollam, 67, my incredible father and friend. Everything from his creased brow to his tired, well trodden feet create a story that is his life. Though others may not recognize, my father is one of greatness. He has prayed through the tough times and rejoiced in the good. My father is a content and satisfied man; my father is my hero!


Well, let's see! Another election and another chance to vote pro-life. Who are you? Sometimes I wonder if people vote pro-choice just because it's the "cool" thing to do. If people would just sit down and think about their own life and think, "what if my parents would've been pro-choice and decided they didn't want me?," how would they view abortion then? Although, I strongly believe that some people's parents should've been pro-choice. :D But honestly, you'd think that after a mother gives birth to her child and holds that baby in her arms, she'd think differently about it. I don't get it! I understand capital punishment, but a baby who has NEVER done anything to anyone, who doesn't have a choice...and that's another thing, the mother has a choice but the baby doesn't??? Is that disturbing to anyone else??? How about the Dr who performs the abortion..."you've never done anything wrong to me but I'm going to exercise my freedom of choice and inject you with something lethal, but the family can't prosecute me for it." HELLO IDIOTS!!!!! Wake up and stop being selfish, seriously. Let's save the glow worms and the fairies, but hey the world is being over populated by human beings so let's snuff the unborn. You're all ignorant pigs who should be snuffed yourselves! If anyone reads this and is offended...please let me know, not so I can apologize, but so that I can tell your mother she raised an IDIOT!!

Monday, October 6, 2008

My Friends

I don't have a lot of friends, but I have a few close friends. I love them all and wish them the best in life, whatever they may choose to do. I hate when they're down and I can't help them up. I try to cheer them but realize that their pain is farther down than I can reach. I tell them I love them but somehow seems not enough. I pray for them and know they'll be ok. I'm not too much of a worrier, but I try to empathize with people I love to try and relate to their hurt as best I can. I feel I fall far too short! They reach out to me for help, in a way, and all I have are words...there aren't enough words to help a hurting soul. Sometimes they need only talk it out and find they feel better, but at times their hurt is more than what mere comfort offers. To my friends who come to me when hurt, please know that I hurt for you. I may not hurt to the extent as you do, but I hurt for you. I pray for you and with you. I love you! I may not always say everything you need, but I pray to God to give you the strength you need to carry on. Sometimes you need to let the rain of emotion wash over you so you can see the rainbow at the end of the storm. It's not easy to hear that, but I know you can get through it. I thank you for your friendship and for confiding in me. That means the world to me!

Saturday, October 4, 2008


Fall is here, finally! I love fall so much, it's my favorite time of year besides Christmas. I love everything about it really. The cloudy sky, the rain, the changing of the leaves' colors, the shorter days, the smell. I don't really think of the plants dieing because they come back in the spring, so I just enjoy watching the changes they go through during fall. I love the chill in the air, the feeling of always wanting to curl up with a book, wrapped up in a blanket, drinking hot chocolate with the lights off, letting the crisp cloudy day engulf the room. Fall makes me want to take long walks and just listen to the sounds around me and feel the breeze on my face and hear the trees blowing. I even like the fall birds that stick around when the others fly south, they are fall birds to me. Just another gift that only fall possesses. I love seeing the trees and mountains up against a dark threatening sky. And always saying to the threatening sky, bring it on, please tempt me with rain. :0) I love smelling the beginning of rain, knowing it's at the cusp of unleashing a beautiful downfall. Call me crazy, but I love fall! It fills me with energy and joy that no other season does. I know most people like warm, sunny days, but give me chilly, cloudy, rainy days and I'll be completely content. I think the biggest reason I love fall so much is the memories it brings along with it. With fall comes the memories of playing football with my brothers, playing in the rain or picking up leaves with my sister, baking fall goodies with mommy or being scared of the thunderstorm on daddy's lap. Although I don't really LIVE in the past, my memories of life make up a big part of who I am. Without my memories, I'd be lost! I don't dwell on them too often, just when I get that time to be alone and remember the steps in my life that have brought me to where I am as an adult. I enjoy my time! But I love living in the present and future as well. I don't think I'll ever really grow up. I'm the baby of the family and although I have a job and bills to pay, I'll always be the baby and a child at heart. Fall reminds me of the kid in me, the kid that will always be there to remind me that I should be thankful for everything that I have in my life!

My Life

Sometimes I sit and think about the things I have in my life. I'm not rich by any means, but I have so much to be thankful for. My family, my job, my health, a roof over my head, food to eat and I love having my thoughts. I love being able to think about things and wonder. It may sound strange but I enjoy just thinking during the day, I love being able to take time by myself and talk to God like He's sitting beside me or across from me and let Him know my thoughts and wonderment. I'm not perfect in any shape or form, but I love the feeling I get when I've talked to God or told Him something I was thinking, even though He already knows my thoughts and dreams. I like going outside and looking around at all the beautiful things He's given to us to enjoy. Sometimes I realize that He likes to be complimented too so I look around and thank Him for something He's given me. I don't read my Bible like I should, but I love knowing It's there when I need it. Sometimes when I'm scared or depressed, I know that I can get immediate happiness if I just read my Bible and spend some time alone with God. When everything around me seems distraught and unsteady, I know I can find control and balance with God. I live in CA and it doesn't rain until the fall and winter, but last night it rained for the first time and I just went out on our patio and looked around at the beautiful glistening street and roof tops and was completely thrilled and happy with just standing there looking around. I love the breeze in the Fall. I love feeling the cool air on my face and hearing nothing but the breezes blowing. It's so peaceful and relaxing! Sometimes, because I don't really like to talk about my inner feelings, I get so bottled up that I just have to sit down and cry. And it's not a bad cry, it feels good to get the feelings out. I love my life and everyone in it! I really have nothing to complain about in life. Things could be so much worse than my worst moment that I've had in my entire being. I'm so thankful that I have what I have in my life. Every person in my life has taught me something I needed no matter how small or how big. I'm thankful that I've had people's examples, good or bad, to reference to when I needed an answer.