Thursday, October 16, 2008


Well, let's see! Another election and another chance to vote pro-life. Who are you? Sometimes I wonder if people vote pro-choice just because it's the "cool" thing to do. If people would just sit down and think about their own life and think, "what if my parents would've been pro-choice and decided they didn't want me?," how would they view abortion then? Although, I strongly believe that some people's parents should've been pro-choice. :D But honestly, you'd think that after a mother gives birth to her child and holds that baby in her arms, she'd think differently about it. I don't get it! I understand capital punishment, but a baby who has NEVER done anything to anyone, who doesn't have a choice...and that's another thing, the mother has a choice but the baby doesn't??? Is that disturbing to anyone else??? How about the Dr who performs the abortion..."you've never done anything wrong to me but I'm going to exercise my freedom of choice and inject you with something lethal, but the family can't prosecute me for it." HELLO IDIOTS!!!!! Wake up and stop being selfish, seriously. Let's save the glow worms and the fairies, but hey the world is being over populated by human beings so let's snuff the unborn. You're all ignorant pigs who should be snuffed yourselves! If anyone reads this and is offended...please let me know, not so I can apologize, but so that I can tell your mother she raised an IDIOT!!


Devoted Mom said...

Dearest Elizabeth,
You answered your own statement about being a mistake; God makes no mistakes. Your life has purpose and plan. God has a reason for every life He gives and I can't wait to see what He will do with yours. No mistake; perfect gift from God. He knows exactly what He's doing!
I love you!

Jacki said...