Wednesday, December 9, 2009

What Is This Feeling?

It's funny how you touch every part of my life without even laying a finger.

It's funny how the brush of your arm; the smell of your skin seems to linger.

It's funny how you changed my life with just one act that pierced my core.

It's funny how just one look engulfs my being til I can breathe no more.

It's funny how at once I knew; my past, my present, my future all so clear.

It's funny how wrapped up inside your being is all I could ever hope to hold dear.

It's strange how you vanished from me like a ghost, a vapor, so close, yet just out of my grasp.

It's strange how I was sure that our coveted embodiment of mind, soul and heart would last.

It's strange how empty I feel; O how deep your love touched my being, was it a lie?

It's strange how one goes from joyous laughter to feeling as though there aren't enough tears to cry.

It's strange how every ache of pain seems worth it somehow; a pain that will bring happiness beyond compare.

It's strange how one minute my faith is limitless and the next my doubt has me paralyzed and unaware.

It hurts that you've taken every good part of me and left me to carry on in silence and confusion.

It hurts to think that you may end what could be the greatest love affair of all time for fear of illusion.

It hurts that you won't let me hurt for you and with you; carry your all too heavy load just to catch your breath.

It hurts that I know what can be but the fear of losing you further, cripples me from grabbing hold; taking another step.

It hurts to not hear your voice, see your face, hold your hand, feel your embrace, catch your scent.

It hurts that you'll never realize the depth, breadth, height, width of how much you really meant.

The hilarity, the confusion, the many more emotions do I need to go through before you realize all this too?

How much more proof do you need to prove our greatness and potential together; to make you see my unconditional love for you?. . . .

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