Friday, December 11, 2009

What Is The Price Of Freedom?

What is the price of freedom, do we really know?

The price they paid in Normandy, Bastogne and Haguenau.

The list of friends and leaders lost along the way,

Mere fraction of the bloody wage that they have had to pay.

The sacrifice, devotion; blood, sweat and tears

Has lost all sense of meaning throughout the passing years.

Where has this country gotten to, that we forget the past

And how we wouldn't be here if, it weren't for heroes lost.

Lost in the battles, gunfire, raids, lost in mind and soul.

Going home to families, but not returning whole.

How dull we've gotten to the truth; ungrateful, selfish, blind.

Blinded by the luxuries of freedom, left behind.

I asked "What price is freedom," but we may never know,

Civilians get the safety net of staying in our homes.

But may we ne'er forget the price our heroes of war pay,

And may we never cease to bend a knee and for them pray!

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