Tuesday, August 3, 2010

My God of Anger

Throughout our Book we read about
A God Who took a stand.
And showing strength, destroying lands
Just by His upraised hand.

But as we take a closer look
At our great, mighty God,
We may not see the anger; fierce,
But the heart upon we've trod.

I think if we could stand up close
And see Him face to face,
We'd see the tears stream down His cheeks;
Across His skin they'd trace.

I think we'd see those nail pierced hands
Raised up in Holy rage.
We'd see them tremble e'er so light
In torment for this race.

I think we'd find a broken heart
So torn with love and pain.
We'd hear it's pounding rhythmic pulse
As punishment beats in vain.

And when He's through, I think we'd feel
Those strong, magnificent arms
Wrap so securely 'round our being,
Protecting us from harm.

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