Sunday, July 25, 2010

Because HE Loves me. . .

Why do the stars shine with such intensity?

And why does their beauty always speak straight to my soul?

Why do the flowers dance along with the summer breeze

And capture my attention with their sweet aroma?

Why does the sailing butterfly steal kisses from my hair and cheek?

Why must I watch the intricate flight of those glorious wings until out of sight?

Why does the threatening sky behind an emerald oak take my breath away?

Why do the wrestling's of a playful creature bring a smile to my lips?

Why does the work of a busy bee spark my interest so?

Why does a lonely flower stand so regal in my sight?

Why does the purposeful winding of a vine intrigue me?

And why do the magnificent clouds hold a special place in my heart?

Why do the cries, smiles, murmurs, embraces of a child bring me to my knees

And why do they burn in my soul like a glowing ember?

Why does the night breeze, blowing my hair, blowing across my face, make me feel so alive?

Why does, believing the pouring rain means God is visiting the earth, make me feel safe?

And why does the sight of piercingly pink clouds bring tears to my eyes?. . .

Because HE loves me!

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